Mental Skills Toolkit

This set comprises 8 downloads, covering all elements of the game:

1. and 2. Are designed to create a strong mental foundation for your overall game – to show you the following basic mental techniques that are essential in golf, no matter how high or low your handicap is

3. Putt like a pro

4. The secrets to a perfect short game, chip and pitch with skill and imagination

5. There's no such thing as a trouble shot any more

6. Hit your longest and straightest drives

7. Be tough minded under the pressure of competition

8. Learning to taste success, becoming a winner; Plus a mental warm up for use in the car on the way to the course

Advanced Mental Skills for Golf

This is a set of 2 downloads that reinforce everything that you learned in the first set and take your mental skills up another notch, ensuring that

1. Your focus remains firmly rooted in the moment, in the now, and

2. You always have the ability to create an endorphin high and place yourself firmly “in the zone”

Buy both full sets for just

£125.00 (excluding VAT)


Individual Titles Available

You can buy individual titles from There are also some additional titles available that are not included in the Mental Skills Tool-Kit and Advanced Mental Skills programs.

Should you have any questions about these products or require advice on the most appropriate recordings for you, please do email me at I’m happy to talk golf 24/7!

Roseanna Leaton Portrait

Roseanna Leaton BSc (hons)(Psych), LLB, dhp, MIAEBP

With a degree in psychology and numerous qualifications in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement.

Roseanna spent 20 years in private practice as Principal Hypnotherapist at the Analytical Hypnotherapy Centre of the Isle of Man. She is listed on the Hypnotherapist Register in the UK and is a member of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapists.

A keen 9-handicap golfer, Roseanna combined her knowledge of the game and the mind mechanism to create the acclaimed Golfer Within recordings, which enable any player to lower their handicap.

GolferWithin is designed by a golfer for golfers and has helped many golfers, both professional and amateur, over the years. Please view the Testimonials to see what golfers are saying about Golfer Within.